What's in a name? - IDU Curiosity

HI! You may have noticed IDU has had a slight name change. What was once IDU: I Don't Understand is now IDU Curiosity.

The reasons for this are few and simple. "I Don't Understand" is a terrible, terrible phrase to search for online. Google pretty much ignores it, and there are a million videos on YouTube with "I don't understand" as the title, which completely drown any search results for the term. This makes it really hard for anyone to find IDU videos on YouTube. And that's not a great outcome for an online project that takes a lot of time and effort to produce.

So, instead of "IDU: I Don't Understand", we now have "IDU Curiosity", which is unique enough to allow visitors to find it in a YouTube search, and eventually google.

It's also a far more positive title than "I Don't Understand". I chose "I Don't Understand" because from an educational and discovery perspective, "I don't understand" is one of the most powerful phrases you can ever say, because it can lead to experimentation, learning, understanding. Acknowledging ignorance is an important step towards discovering how the world works. However, in the context of presenting information to an audience, it's not necessarily an ideal name. So, now, IDU Curiosity retains the IDU theme and branding, but gains the word "Curiosity", a far more fitting descriptor of the kinds of videos I make, and will continue to make in future.

I hope everyone understands, and I hope no-one is confused by the change.