About IDU Curiosity

IDU Curiosity is a series of videos about science, history, trivia and stuff. I make videos in collaboration with organisations like the Australian Opal Centre, the Lightning Ridge Historical Society and other awesome projects. I'm a huge believer that there's an interesting story in everything, and that it's important to share those stories and find new and interesting ways to tell them to unfamiliar audiences.

If you have an idea for an IDU Curiosity video, or you have access to something awesome, unique or interesting that could form part of an IDU story, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


About the creator

My name is Russell and make YouTube videos.

I like to tell interesting stories. I enjoy creative projects. I've dabbled in photography and music.

I grew up in Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia. It's a unique and special place, and I hope to tell more of its stories in future.

Thank you for supporting IDU, and supporting online content made by independent creators.